Items To Consider

Am I Getting A Complete Price From My Builder?

There are aspects of building a pool that can end up costing you more than is initially represented. Additional excavation is one of these areas. Is all necessary pre-grade, hauling and post-grade time accounted for in the proposal? In some cases, a salesman will price a pool without including time for cutting and filling or hauling excess dirt from the site. This can be a significant extra the first day of construction. Be sure your salesman gives you a complete pool price that includes all aspects of excavation.

Locate the filter equipment and make sure you won’t encounter additional plumbing run charges. Most companies do not allow much of a plumbing run and therefore the equipment is right next to the pool. This will be another extra charge if you want it relocated.

Be sure the plumbing lines are sized for proper hydraulic operation. For example, someone can offer a more powerful – and expensive – 2 HP pump, but this is meaningless if they are not going to run 3” plumbing. This will result in poor circulation and filtration.

Service runs such as electric, gas and water can contain hidden costs if not accounted for properly.

Be sure masonry such as retaining walls and steps are not overlooked. Many times this is not mentioned by an inexperienced salesman or someone trying to avoid stating the total cost of building the project.

Be sure the square footage represented in your plan is completely accounted for in the contract.

On hilly sites, additional footings and compaction can be required to properly secure the pool structure and masonry work. Be sure all necessary and proper construction techniques are included to ensure a well built project that will minimize extra costs.

Be aware of how long the project will take. In most townships, it takes longer to obtain the permit that it does to build the pool. Less involved projects only take 4-6 weeks to build. Projects with more difficult sites or more masonry effects can take 8-12 weeks. Most township permits may take 2-3 months to be issued – so plan ahead if you want to be swimming by Memorial Day!