Pool & Backyard Refurbishing Specialists

In addition to new pool construction we offer remodeling services. Remodeling can, in some cases, be more challenging than new construction. Don’t expect most pool builders or service companies to have the expertise or know-how to remodel your pool properly. Most remodeling jobs are caused by not building the pool right the first time. We have been remodeling pools for over 40 years and have seen just about everything you can imagine. You can rest assured we can make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear!

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Armond Aquatech Pools is the #1 swimming pool builder in Main Line, Lower Merion, Villanova, Gladwyne, Bryn Mawr, St. Davids, Radnor, Wayne, & Blue Bell.
We've proudly provided professional pool building, pool refurbishing & pool maintenance service to these areas & the Bridgeport community for over 50 years!

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