Winter Watch Service

Pool-closing season is well under way, so now seems like a good time to talk about a Winter Watch Service for your pool and/or spa. Armond Pools, along with many other swimming pool companies, offers a monthly check-up on your pool’s condition.

The one-time chemical treatment administered at the time of closing is not always enough to prevent problems from occurring, especially when a pool is sitting dormant for six months or longer.  During each visit solid covers will be cleared off, the water level will be lowered on mesh-covered pools and cover pumps will be checked to ensure they are in working order.

Along with those items, a section of the cover will be pulled back and your pool water will be tested and balanced.  Your plaster will also be checked for the presence of scaling and/or calcium crystals.  The scaling process occurs mostly over the winter while the water is cold, there is no circulation and your PH and alkalinity levels drift up.  These conditions all combine to cause calcium to be drawn out of your plaster, resulting in the formation of scaling and crystals.   While we have seen this issue happen with both new and old pools, newer pools are especially vulnerable since the plaster is still curing, contributing to the rising PH level.  If scaling is detected during a visit, a small circulating pump will be placed in the pool for a few days along with the balancing of the water.

While no one-size-fits-all treatment has been found yet, the Winter Watch Service has been shown to greatly reduce the number of pools that experience these issues.  It also helps lower the chance of severe algae blooms in mesh-covered pools and can help reduce the Spring clean-up time once the pool is opened.